Sarah's Canine Cuttery Inc
Full Service Dog Grooming Salon
Bath and Brush​
All Baths include:  Massaging wash and rinse, blow dry and brush out. We also trim nails, clean and ears and express anal glands.

Baths are priced by weight and coat length
Short Hair    Small- $16      Medium- $20        Large- $30        X-Large- $35
Long Hair     Small- $20      Medium- $25        Large- $35       X-Large- $40​

Not ready for a full groom??
Add a Tidy up  - $5-10
Full Bath plus face, paws and sanitary trim

Full Groom
Everything listed in a bath + full body hair cut / trim or shave 

Most grooms start at  $44 !!!
Call for details 

 Upgrades Packages
The Works- $20 -  Ultimate Spa Experience
Basic Pre-scrub + Any specialty shampoo + Conditioning treatment, facial scrub,  file nails and brush teeth

Blow Out -$20    Greatly Reduces Shedding
Basic Pre-scrub +  Deep coat Conditioner with Blow out + Conditioning rinse and Undercoat Removal

Flea and Tick Soak- $10 - 
Two part bath and soak. First bath kills fleas and ticks. Second repairs and soothes irritate skin

Add Advantix II  for 1 month of prevention for Ultimate Protection